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your Dream Life!

Do you often feel lived and are you no longer in the driverseat of your own life? Do you want to explore what valuable information lies in your subconscious. Then join us on this inner journey and make contact with your soul desires through meditation. This is how you create a clear intention and the law of attraction can start and manifest your Dream Life! 

Image by Aditya Saxena

Boost your energy!

October 16 on a Sunday morning 10.30 am I provide a remote lighthealing. A great opportunity to use this energy during a meditation or to start your Sunday full of vitality. Sign up and give yourself this gift!



Online program

Manifest your dream life!

The whole series
From €99,- for €70,-

With this series of meditations you discover and write your new future. Tune in to information from a higher plane and receive messages that support you to start living your Dream Life!

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“During a session I felt as if I had some kind of motherly love watching over me, allowing me to express what I want, letting go of my fear and thus relaxing with this image. Letting go of the fear brought relaxation and a few tears of happiness.” 

Image by Almos Bechtold

What fuels your fire?

What makes you happy, what gives you energy and what makes your heart jump?

Get to know yourself on a soul level and get information from a higher plane. 


What exactly do you get?

The meditation series consists of 5 meditations:

  • Love & Relationships

  • Career & Money

  • Health & Vitality

  • Rest & Relaxation

  • The New World

For each theme you will receive a:

  • Video with explanation and inspiration 

  • Worksheet with writing assignment to set your intentions

  • Guided Channeled Transcendental Meditation


A clear intention is the key to success.

You will receive channeled meditations with light activations and visualizations. During the meditations you will be taken on a journey. You come to places that help you remember what you want most and you receive information that gives you a direction. You get the chance to heal what is in the way of your energy flow. By processing all findings and messages in an added worksheet, it becomes clear to you again. The intention is clear.


Now you have the ingredients to make an action plan. The law of attraction kicks off and the manifestation of your Dream Life can begin!

Want to try it first? 
There is the option to purchase a theme separately, where  the love & relationship modulefreeis. The best thing is of course if you include all themes. The result is a beautiful manifesto for your entire life!

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Are you curious, but you don't know what you want yet, please contact us. I will answer you asap

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