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Who am I?


Ever since I was young I was aware of how I wanted to live my life and that I really wanted to help people.  I wrote down in a journal what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to do it. However, I went down a completely different path. Because of convictions that I acquired in my youth, I have actually drifted further and further from my path. I also noticed that in my energy. Since I was 13 I suffered from performance anxiety, panic attacks and depressive moods.  This resulted in a burn out when I was 20 and another one when I was 40. The search was started quite early, how do I get rid of those fears?  And what is my talent, what am I doing here? Lots of therapies  tried; including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Haptotherapy, EFT and EMDR.

It all contributed to one piece of the puzzle. Only after I ended up with a special healer, who also went to look at my karmic part, I felt a huge shift.After a few months of working on this process, I can say that I have rid of all those intense fears and am taking steps that I never thought possible.


Since then I've been focusing on moving my career from Digital designer to Energetic intuitive  coach. This with the aim of helping people to live their passions more and to look at the dark side at the same time. Only then can real healing take place.

Courses and trainings

  • Tao healing - Loes van Beest

  • Mindfulness course - 

  • Smart body Smart Mind program - Irene Lyon 

  • NLP course from Robert Stevens

  • 7 weeks without anxiety at Atlas Reiki

  • Nicky Verbeek_ Waking up online course

  • At home in I AM  - Online basic program prayers and affirmations

  • Janosh and Patty- the angel codes I and II - Life school ( Chakra study)

  • The pendulum and compass- Mila's holy mojo

  • Point of no return - Robert Bridgeman & Janosh

  • Transformative coaching online - Robert Bridgemen


  • Smart body Smart Mind program - Irene Lyon 

  • Feng Shui certificate - Balancing walls

  • Atlas Reiki I and II 

  • Crystal Visions - Lightwork academy 1 year Master Healer and Master Reader

  • Cocoa facility training- Jennifer Ann Sings

  • Soul Realignment® course level 1, 2, 3

  • Soul Realignment® Manifesting Blueprint

  • Soul Realignment®  Business & Financial abundance

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