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Ontdek de verborgen schatten van jouw soul purpose

Heb je het gevoel dat je leven stagneert of ben je juist overspoeld door keuzes en kom je zo niet verder? Of ben je gewoonweg nieuwsgierig en heb je behoefte aan meer zelfinzicht. Ontdek waardevolle inzichten om deze uitdagingen te overwinnen en opnieuw richting te geven aan je levenspad. Vraag hem gratis aan via de knop hieronder:

What exactly do you get?

The meditation series consists of 5 meditations:

  • Love & Relationships

  • Career & Money

  • Health & Vitality

  • Rest & Relaxation

  • The New World

For each theme you will receive a:

  • Video with explanation and inspiration 

  • Worksheet with writing assignment to set your intentions

  • Guided Channeled Transcendental Meditation


A clear intention is the key to success.

You will receive channeled meditations with light activations and visualizations. During the meditations you will be taken on a journey. You come to places that help you remember what you want most and you receive information that gives you a direction. You get the chance to heal what is in the way of your energy flow. By processing all findings and messages in an added worksheet, it becomes clear to you again. The intention is clear.

Image by Aditya Saxena

Boost your energy!

October 16 on a Sunday morning 10.30 am I provide a remote lighthealing. A great opportunity to use this energy during a meditation or to start your Sunday full of vitality. Sign up and give yourself this gift!

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Are you curious, but you don't know what you want yet, please contact us. I will answer you asap

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Image by Kalen Emsley

Soul Reading

Walk your own path

Get to know yourself on a soul level. Through this Soul reading, you will regain clarity, so that you can walk your path again with flow and power!



The Soul Reading was really amazing. I have experienced things about myself I haven't gotten to before, and her clearings directly worked on my day to day life. I feel lighter after the readings and I can deal better with some of my dark sides. Its a life changing reading and I recommend this to anyone.

-Mara Lina Schaeffer-



“Bianca makes many subconscious things conscious with her work. She gently takes you through the different phases, clears things up and creates clarity. She is a very nice earthly conversation partner who does not make matters too heavy due to her cheerfulness. It gave me a different kind of insight that was very helpful! ” 

-Christien Braam-



Online program

Manifest your dream life!

The whole series
From €99,- for €70,-

With this series of meditations you discover and write your new future. Tune in to information from a higher plane and receive messages that support you to start living your Dream Life!

Ask a Question

Are you curious, but you don't know what you want yet, please contact us. I will answer you asap

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